Movement is a key expression that many artists attempt to portray in their artwork. Depending on the medium you chose to work with, the task of creating movement varies in its level of difficulty and actual workability. So you wouldn’t think that artists like Wayne Salge, who work with extremely solid forms like bronze, would thrive in creating movement and excitement in their pieces. However, Salge’s collection is wonderfully captivating and full of movement.

Salge’s bronze sculpture entitled, “Cut Loose”  shows more of a literal expression of freedom and motion, while another of his pieces called, and “Ghost Riders” offers viewers a deeper and more spiritual side of framed movement. The stroke marks on the riders let you feel connected to the piece and experience the journey that the riders take on.

His sculptures also vary from focusing on animals, to humans, and a few pieces where both are featured. Salge’s human sculptures are voluminous in gesture as well as meaning, while there is a deeper presence felt from the pieces that feature animals exclusively. Visit The Eisenhauer Gallery’s artist section to see more of Wayne Salge's art work and other featured artists' collections.


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