Featured artist Quan Handong


Featured artist Quan Handong and his collection of paintings are unique within The Eisenhauer Gallery and provide an excellent opportunity for art collectors and enthusiasts to explore the subtle beauty of Chinese and eastern culture. Originally born in Guilin, China, Handong studied at the Guangxi Art Academy where he graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Chinese Painting. It is here where he developed the expressive brushwork style that bolsters the sentiment and detail in his paintings. Handong’s signature style applies traditional Chinese ink wash on Xuan paper and combines classical and modern perspectives on nature and its relationship with life.

His series with The Eisenhauer Gallery focuses exclusively on the subject of Oxen, which is juxtaposed with his traditional Chinese brush stroke technique and the perceptions of the Western Expressionism. This style and approach to articulating the interaction between nature and Oxen certainly provides a unique perspective on the vigorous delicacy of nature.

                     #9 Oxen Mountain Series


“#9 Oxen Mountain Series” reflects this concept as the viewer is introduced to a spiral of curves and colors that create the sense of controlled chaos. His work has been received by numerous art galleries and museums throughout New York City where he currently resides, and serves as the Director of the China Shitao Art Society. For more information on our featured artist Quan Handong, please visit our “Artist” section to browse his and other great artist’s collections.


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