For artist Jennifer Bell, her art work is not about producing a tangible product, but rather about reflecting the elements within a given environment. Whether it’s capturing the subtle intricacies of the human form or of a given landscape, Bell’s brilliance comes through her ability to make either subject absolutely beautiful. From her early beginnings studying at New York City’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Bell developed as a professional by working alongside renowned artist Gustav Rehberger, whose work can be recognized through his media designs, specifically through his work with Marlboro Cigarettes in the 1950’s. “He just brought to me another way of seeing the world and a passion for art,” says Bell.

Through this relationship, Bell evolved as an artist, mostly drawing the nude figure during her five year tenure in NYC. Today, Bell lives and work in Southern Italy with her husband. Her work is considerate of the Italian countryside, as her paintings reflect the raw and almost somber lifestyle of her new environment. “The people of Altamura are tireless workers and the gatekeepers of traditions,” says Bell. “I am intrigued by their dark ebony eyes, antique profiles, beautifully weathered skin and stone chiseled hands.”

“Brother and Sister” is an excellent summary of Bell’s current style and preference of work. The dark tones of the characters features, mixed with the light colors of the environment offers her audience a snapshot of another community’s culture, but drawn with distant tones that make it seem like something out of an Alessandro Manzoni poem. To view more of Jennifer Bell’s work, visit The Eisenhauer Gallery’s “Artists” section.


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