For visitors to Martha’s Vineyard, Janice Frame’s work speaks for itself. Her pieces place black women front and center and are incredibly striking to any observer. Her unique style utilizes a mixture of collage, oil paint, and a glistening resin finish, with a focus on royal femininity. This results in a wide, inclusive range of skin tones and colors, but almost always features a piercing forward gaze.

            At her exhibition the night of August 7th, 2022, Janice captivated her audience by sharing the inspiration behind her work. To Janice, each piece is a dialogue between her and the women she depicts. This dialogue helps craft a unique identity for each woman; one can notice Janice’s motifs, but no figure could be swapped for another. It is in this way that Janice reinforces and celebrates diversity throughout African American community.

             Visitors to the Eisenhauer Gallery were treated to a not only Janice’s work, but also a pop-up shop with luxury handbags by designer Ada-Chic, and a live jazz performance with trumpeter Romel Sims. The event, dubbed “Culture Endures” by owner Elizabeth Eisenahauer, was a light-hearted, soulful celebration of African American art and culture.


You can see the Eisenhauer Gallery’s entire collection of Janice’s work on their website,

Ada-Chic luxury handbags can be found at

Check out trumpeter Romel Sims at  


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