To describe artist Fred Calleri’s paintings in one word, it would simply be: “Fun.” However, “light,” “innocent,” “warm,” and “captivating” would also suffice just fine. From the unique characters he portrays to the environment and themes he places them in, Calleri draws the viewer into a time and place that reminds us of simple living; perhaps when people weren’t enslaved to their smart phones and tablets as they are today.

“This is Wow” reflects this idea, as Calleri illustrates a young girl playing dress up with what we assume is her mother’s dress clothes. While the painting itself is light in feeling, it’s the fine attention to detail that makes this painting and Calleri’s collection so extraordinary. Just look at the shoes the little red haired girl is wearing and try to find a parent who hasn’t caught, or even cheered on their little one on as they playfully stomped across the living in mom’s high heels, ten sizes too big for their feet!

Even paintings like “Baited Cage” resonates well with any New England native whose roots are tied to fishing ports and the vast opportunities the Ocean offered previous generations. It is through these details, the ones that we can all relate to that make the relationship between Fred Calerri and the viewer so special.


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