Max Decker combines traditional academic skills with real-world experiences. Because of this, he creates paintings that are specific to a particular environment and yet, are still able to be uniquely interpreted by each person who views his work. Decker exemplifies realist principles that evoke impressionist characteristics. His paintings capture and enhance the beauty of objects that are found in everyday life. As a Vineyard-born artist and graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA, he channels traditional skills learned as a student to create impressive, unique moments that many often experience in their lives. His collection of paintings depicts scenes that combine original images of man-made structures with subjects from around the natural world. What separates Decker from other artists is his ability to adapt to whatever environment he is in. Now residing in Brooklyn, NY, his work illustrates a variety of environments that range from aggressive, figurative urban settings to classic landscapes. “I guess by osmosis, what’s around you is kind of what you start producing,” says Decker. “When I’m in New York, it’s kind of loud. Here on Martha’s Vineyard, I get a little more atmospheric, a little more subdued.”

This is easily found in paintings such as “Morning Glory,” where viewers are taken to the surreal side of Martha’s Vineyard and New England. To see more of Max Decker's work and to browse other artists featured by The Eisenhauer Gallery, please visit our featured artist's section found here!


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