The ultimate portrayal of the female form is captured elegantly in the new age artistic style of Tracey Sylvester Harris, a true artistic staple of the 21st century. She found her inspiration nestled away in the dark of flea markets and yard sales where black and white portraits and paintings turned into colorful energy. T.S. Harris takes the mid-century female style and demeanor, and transforms a powerful representation of a feminist lifestyle around the 1900’s.

She titles the series of paintings, Noir, after the film genre.

Many of the women represented in her paintings are depicted suspended in a moment, smoking, waking, sleeping and sitting. Many paintings show only torsos or distorted body images for the imagination. Harris incorporates the vivid imagery of summer at the beach or at the pool throughout her paintings to describe timeless moments that have become apart of history. Harris’s incorporation of water into her fluid masterpieces go back to summers she spent as a child in Las Vegas, always at her local pool or on vacation at the lake or beach. The imagery captured in her mind on those sweltering summer days is transformed into a permanent memory in canvas that millions can enjoy. Both Harris’s mother and father spent decades creating art across different mediums, where her father was a commercial graphic artist and her mother, a well-known impressionistic painter.

It was only a matter of time before Harris picked up a paintbrush to begin her long life of capturing her childhood memories. She began showing her artwork in her family’s gallery, then branching out to other local venues until her name became a household name among art experts. She’s spent her decades as a world-renowned painter touring the country sharing her talent from San Francisco exhibits to New York City art galleries, and even her hometown of San Luis Obispo. T.S. Harris’s most notable accomplishment takes her artwork to the movie screen in a film following an artist and widow. More than 20 of Harris’s paintings make their debut in the motion picture as artwork created by the main character played by Ed Harris. The movie called Face of Love was released to the public in early 2013.

Harris continues to create masterpieces at her San Luis Obispo home while still traveling across the country to share her talent with the art lovers.


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