Artist Saundra Messinger offers a unique perspective on jewelry design that stems from personal experiences relating to the complexity of nature and its elements. The luster of steely gray river water, the imperfect surface of the waves that crash down on muddy beaches along the Mississippi and Hudson Rivers and the depth of which life exists and is controlled by nature are combined to create Messinger’s signature collection “Two Rivers.”

It is this unique style that allows Messinger to receive a tremendous amount of attention from mainstream influences, as her work has been the focus of feature stories in trade and entertainment magazines including, Jewelry Quarterly and Vogue. Even celebrities have gravitated toward her jewelry, as high-profile names such as Sheryl Crowe and Deborah Messing are frequently found wearing and praising various bracelets and diamond earrings that Messinger designed and created. Interested buyers can review more of Messinger’s collection with The Eisenhauer Gallery by visiting her artist profile.


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