“In life and art, I try to stay true to myself and listen to my own voice.”
Sherri Belassen draws inspiration for her phenomenal collection of paintings from her family and the places she has called home over the years. Her unique style of work uses contemporary forms to illustrate animals and patterns that reflect the earth tones found around her home in Arizona. Originally from Indianapolis, IN, Belassen became interested in design and composition as a small child. When traveling with her father in his two-seater airplane, she was always fascinated by the way the patterns and colors from the ground formed and interacted with each other.“It’s not so much about what I paint, but about the space in which the subject exists,” Belassen says. She articulates this concept through the semi-abstract humans and animals she illustrates in her paintings.

Paintings such as “Diva Venus” exemplify raw energy and forms of life using simple, subtle lines of indigenous art forms that demonstrate movement, character, and personality. Artists Helen Frankenthaler and Milton Avery are among Belassen’s most endured inspirations within the art world. Traces of their abstract art work can be found in Belassen’s paintings as she has developed her own unique version of Western and Southwestern figures to illustrate her experiences in life. Find out more about Sherri by browsing her entire collection of art work found in our Artists.


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