Art enthusiasts who are looking to add various forms of original art to their collection must check out Edgartown’s featured artist Jill Soukup. From the first time you lay your eyes on one of her paintings, it is clear to even the most casual collector that Soukup illustrates the passions that live inside of her. Her approach for engaging the environment around her parallels her work’s intimate relationship with the beauty and balance of nature. This type of ability positions Soukup as a rare and original artist who successfully illustrates polarity between thought and feeling in her paintings.

"Green Morsels” demonstrates this concept as viewers are confronted with an image of a fire escape located in an urban setting. The colors she uses convey a sense of peace, while the viewer is well aware of the fact that any urban environment is typically filled with various pollutants that devalue the intrinsic beauty that exists.

This dichotomy is also apparent when carefully reviewing her form. Soukup’s brush strokes combine “painterly” and “representational” forms that blur the line between reality and the refined. “I am fascinated with the idea that duality defines the human existence and how we interpret the world,” says Soukup. “I see its omnipresence in nature, spirituality, within people’s contrary perspectives, through all of man’s shortcomings and triumphs – and in its persisten challenge to my own personal values and truths.” For more information on Edgartown’s original artist Jill Soukup, please visit her artist profile and make sure to browse through her collection of paintings.


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