“There is a certain nostalgia in my work, a yearning for time gone by, a more quiet time.” -Robert Cardinal

Robert Cardinal speaks the truth as his collection of oil paintings articulate and exemplifies the care-free essence of Cape Cod and New England. Originally from Montreal, Canada, Cardinal moved to Greenwich Village in New York City in the 1950’s to work and develop his artistic passion alongside many prominent artists including Albert Handell. After developing his portfolio and studying at La Grande Chaumiere School of Art, Cardinal moved to Cape Cod to open an art gallery in Provincetown, with fellow artist Frank Milby.

The collection of paintings Cardinal has developed over the years are heavily influenced by his personal pursuit for finding images and examples of harmony between nature and mankind. The relationship between what has taken thousands of years to find and objects that have been imposed on such environments, such as a lighthouse on top of an isolated beach, are what drive Cardinal’s collection and passion. “These paintings remind us of the everlasting solitude that one can easily still find on Cape Cod,” said Cardinal. His paintings and their subjects may initially seem similar to each other, but upon looking closely one easily identifies the delicate contrasts that make each of his paintings unique and beautiful.

The distinct purple skies that hover over and almost protect the ground below, as found in “Highland Light,” is a perfect example of how well Cardinal is able to take something that is right in front of us, and make it unique and compelling by bringing the viewer to a state of peace and comfort. For more information on artist Robert Cardinal or to browse his personal collection of work, please visit our artist profile section!


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