Artist Derek Penix has been excited about new ideas and subjects in his artwork, including a series of spadefish and a grouping of aerial cityscapes.

            In regard to the works depicting downtown scenes, he says, “I like the unique perspective from above. It is a subject that you can really explore and play with. For example, I enjoy using different colors, even painting the same scene, but using different colors like all blues or all yellows. Explore abstractions and the elements of deisng. Buildings are some of the elements of design. Buildings are some of the hardest subject matter to paint because they are stiff, geometric, sharp, and you have to render the architecture accurately, yet bring in variety by not painting every element/building the same. It is fun to paint through because it is so completely different to paint compared to what I have painted previously.

            Penix is enjoying the process of the works and believes that he’ll take concepts he’s learned from the series and apply them to new subjects or subjects he’s painted in the past. “As a series I want the viewer to see the exploration of bigger concepts from outside the boundaries of the subject matter,” he explains.

           Penix is represented by Galler 1261 in Denver; Eisenhauer Gallery in Edgartown, Massachusetts; and Elizabeth Pollie Fine Art in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Penix is hosting upcoming workshops at the Art School in Sandy Springs in Georgia from June 3 to 5; at the Holiday Inn Bentoville/Rogers in Arkansas from September 7 to 9; and at the Scottsdale Artists’ School in Arizona from November 6 to 9.


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