Walking around Edgartown's Main Street with my fiance on a beautiful May morning, I couldn't help but think, “Life is good.”

Well, it got much better, and quickly.

When after making an accidental turn onto North Water Street, we found ourselves in front of a remarkable cape house, with  various art work displaced around the porch of The Eisenhauer Gallery.

Upon entering, we were immediately greeted by the owner, Elizabeth. From the moment she asked us how we were doing, my fiancé and I were both impressed with her passion for her art collection, as well as pleasantly surprised by her laid-back and friendly persona.

I have had the fortune of obtaining a custom made ring and a phenomenal painting from The Eisenhauer Gallery, and I would recommend Elizabeth's collection to anyone who is looking to add some sophistication to their art collection, as well as those looking to brighten up their home on Martha's Vineyard.


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