Whether you are an avid collector of oil paintings or prefer exquisite, unique sculptures, The Eisenhauer Gallery has something for everyone! While some of the relationships with our featured artists like Tjasa Owen dates back a few years, we strive to develop and build new relationships with amazing artists throughout the world so that we can continue to offer Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard and others around the country a diverse experience that is unlike anything else. Continuing with this concept, The Eisenhauer Gallery is proud to have featured artist Sally Smith join our collection of phenomenal artists! Sally lives on the Island of Waiheke in New Zealand, which serves as the platform and inspiration for her collection of unique sculptures. Fans and first time viewers of Smith’s work are transported to another section of the world where sea birds and other ocean elements seem to blend into each other to create a harmonious, peaceful experience. “My work focuses on celebrating nature in all its glorious forms and blurring that boundary between built form and nature,” says Smith. Her sculptures like “Blue Kina” complement any art collector’s home and are certainly a must-have for enthusiasts who are particularly fond of oceanic themes.

If you’re like many others and fall in love with Smith’s work, make sure you come out to The Eisenhauer Gallery on July 11 to see her at a group show that also includes the work of Rebecca Kinkead and Heather Judge. To check out more from Sally Smith and other great artists from The Eisenhauer Gallery, please feel free to visit our artists section located here!


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