There is no better way to connect with your audience than by making them feel as though you personally sought them out, and created a painting just for them. For artist Tjasa Owen, her attention to detail illustrates the unique views of various coastlines and meadows she travels through, in such a way that it translates into the perfect personal touch from artist to viewer.

If you’ve never had the chance to see a breathtaking view like the scene expressed in “Around the Bend” or “Hideaway on Coast Guard Road”, Owen’s paintings will have you wishing you were heading for the sea.

Many of her paintings have been inspired by the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, which allow American audiences the ability to connect with their native coastlines. Through her international travels, we are able to connect with her experiences throughout the French and Italian countryside’s. While traveling, Owen likes to jot small notes down in her sketchbooks about the places and colors that she sees. These personal notes are sometimes found in her paintings, while others are marked with small ink stamps that resemble postage marks.

The script lettering Owen chooses to show in her acrylic and oil pastel work entitled, “Grasses to the Sea” gives the piece a softer look than the block lettering stamp letters used in her piece “Going Seaside”. “Each piece, for me, is unique and carries its own story,” says Owen. “My landscapes are inspired by my love for the Atlantic & Pacific coastlines as well as my travels abroad.” You can share Owen’s love for the ocean and experience her travels through her collection, by visiting more of The Eisenhauer Gallery.


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