Featured artist Jill Soukup is set to open her new art exhibit at The Eisenhauer Gallery in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard this Memorial Day Weekend. Before the show premiers on May 25, we sat down with Soukup to discuss the event and the inspiration behind her series of paintings:

Q: How did you first get involved with The Eisenhauer Gallery?

 Jill Soukup: In 2000, Elizabeth saw Southwest Art magazine’s “Artist to Watch” article showing my work. She contacted me and shortly thereafter I began sending her work.

Q: Are you a frequent visitor of Martha’s Vineyard and Edgartown?

Jill Soukup: No, this will be my third time visiting since Elizabeth & I started working together.

Q: The paintings you have with the gallery range in style and theme, from your passion with horses to various frames of urban settings. How do you decide which form you are going to take on and illustrate?What motivates you to paint either?


Jill Soukup: My choices are always about a strong composition, which is articulated via a balance of values, strong shapes and harmonious color chords. It is based on the abstract components coming together to create a unified whole.

Q: Your affinity for horses seems to have become a staple associated with your work. Is this the brand you want viewers to think of when they hear of your name?

Jill Soukup: I mostly want viewers to see a sophisticated, well-constructed piece, whether it is a horse or something else. I do hope, however, that viewers see the relationship between my city scenes and the equine—that they influence to each other.

Q: What would you like the viewer to take away from your work?

Jill Soukup: That my work is strong and/or moving.

Q: You were able to study fine art and make a career out of painting and working as an artist. What do you attribute your success to and what advice would you offer someone currently studying art or pursuing a new career within the field?

Jill Soukup: I attribute my success to hard work, persistence, faith in oneself and understanding the business side of art.

Q: How did you get the confidence to become an artist full-time? Were the awards you received throughout college and early in your career enough validation?

Jill Soukup: I knew even at 6 years of age, that I wanted to be an artist. That is the real blessing—to know what one wants to do, and actively pursuing it. To go full time was a combination of my day job and my painting commitments beginning to conflict and taking that leap of faith.

Q: Does experience change one’s creativity and concept of what is intriguing to the viewer?

Jill Soukup: I would like to think I have matured, that my work has matured, that I am better tuned into my intentions. Yes, life experience is crucial to the growth of an artist, well to any individual. Creating, based on what is true and unique to an artist, is what makes intriguing art.

Q: Are you planning any shows or events this summer?

Jill Soukup: I am off to preparing for the next solo show and group shows for 2014.

Q: What can your fans look forward to next?

Jill Soukup: Fans can look forward to a more direct connection between my city and equine works.


Fans can reach out to Jill through her online profiles here: Website: Facebook: In light of Jill's upcoming show, we are inviting everyone to take part in this opportunity to personally ask her a question. Whoever leaves a question below will have it answered by Jill, live at her show on May 25! Feel free to ask her about her work, her inspiration or even how much she enjoys beautiful Martha's Vineyard! Come out to the show and hear your question answered live and in person. We look forward to hearing from you!


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