For art enthusiasts and collectors across the world, Eric Abrecht’s landscape paintings are the perfect complement to anyone who is love with and collects the work of Monet and Van Gogh. Focusing on figurative and still lifes, Abrecht masterfully articulates his personal experiences through his paintings in a unique way that allows the viewer to both understand the artist’s message, while still being able to interpret and relate to the paintings in their own personal way. The ability to understand the artist’s position and still have a unique experience with the paintings is what makes Abrecht one of The Eisenhauer Gallery’s most coveted artists. The Eisenhauer Gallery recently had the opportunity to speak with Eric about his work and his relationship with art collectors throughout the United States.

Here is what he had to say:

Q: You have said that you want your viewers to experience your work in a way that is completely unique to the individual. Can you explain this desire in more detail and tell us why this is your goal opposed to offering one universal message?


Eric Abrecht: I find giving a specific title to a piece demonstrates my interpretation of the work. I like to hear what others see in my work. Others see things that I never thought of and they seem to like putting their own story with the work.

Q: Your work is largely based on drawing and painting landscapes. While you chose not to name your work, are there particular areas that your work is based on?

Eric Abrecht: I used to do a lot of traveling. There are certain things you pick up and store when in another country. The colors of the landscape I saw when in Kenya comes to mind.

Q: What areas or places inspire your work the most?

Eric Abrecht: Kenya, Cuba, trips to central/south America.

Q: What is your relationship with Martha’s Vineyard? Are you a frequent visitor?

Eric Abrecht: Elizabeth (owner of The Eisenhauer Gallery) and I started working together in 2006. I like the fact it is a seasonal gallery. I am in 11 galleries and Eisenhauer’s busy season is generally a slow time for my galleries, especially since most are in the south. I have only been there once. We have two active children and summers are busy. Our son plays club lacrosse so the summer is full of tournaments and practices. Our daughter is an equestrian, so she travels up and down the east coast for shows. My wife and I try and divide and conquer the best we can. It leaves little time for vacation travel.My family will be headed to Martha's Vineyard for my show this July 25th.  The show is on a Thursday so it works out that we can all make it.

Q: How did you become involved with The Eisenhauer Gallery?

Eric Abrecht: Elizabeth saw my work at a gallery in Atlanta. She represents another artist that shows with her and saw my work on the Atlanta website. I find that is the way things are going. The galleries in Chicago, Del ray beach, galleries I am no longer with in Tulsa and Dallas, use the internet to find artists.

 Q: The Eisenhauer Gallery happens to be the only art gallery in New England that carries your work. Is there a reason for this?

Eric Abrecht: I used to show at a gallery on Cape Cod. I was there for several years up until this spring. Elizabeth has done well with the work and she is very easy to work with.

Q: You are featured in an upcoming edition of Cape Cod Life. Can you tell us what the article focuses?

Eric Abrecht: Basically it covers my career from start to now. My influences, education, travel etc. Amanda Wastrom interviewed me over the phone and wrote a beautiful piece. She picked through and hour and a half of me rambling on and really did an amazing job pulling out the right parts.

Q: Do you have any events, shows or exhibitions planned for the near future? What current projects are you working on that your fans can look forward to?

Eric Abrecht: I am going to be doing a show in Houston end of summer and Chicago early fall.

Q: In case your fans are wondering how they can get in touch with you, do you have a website or any social media profiles that people can contact you through?

Eric Abrecht: Fans of my work can visit my website at I try to update it as much as possible. The Eisenhauer Gallery and Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard appreciates the time and great conversation with Eric! If you are interested in seeing more of his collection, feel free to visit our “Artists” section to browse through Eric and other great artist's paintings and work!


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