This summer Anna Kincaide experienced an essential moment in her artistic career. A series of events left her thinking about how she can develop and drive her paintings in an innovative, new direction. After a month of lockdown, experimentation and hair-pulling, the artist found herself drawn to a contemporary spin on an idea that is thousands of years old: portraiture. “I want to create lush, extravagant, paintings reminiscent of a bygone era. I want to be big and bold,” she says. “I begin to research Old Masters and newfashion, and my hunger for inspiration is insatiable. The dawning of an idea is taking place and I am painting in a frenzy. The hours passing are barely noticed. Sleepless nights and long days are adding up. But I begin to create pieces that stop me in my tracks every time I walk into my studio. I know I am onto something.” The desire to discover harmony between old-world royalty and avant-garde fashion intrigues Kincaide and allows her the freedom to experiment with rich color and texture while giving her imagination room to fly. After weeks of hard work the results thrill the artist. The new series consists of picturesque women with lavish, exaggerated hats dripping with eccentricity and charm. This coupled with deep black backgrounds and massive canvases allows the viewer to be totally absorbed into every detail. This summer Kincaide set out to elevate her work to a new level of depth and sophistication. “I set out to create original pieces that will seduce and enchant imaginations,” she says. “Mission accomplished? I hope.” -Article from American Art Collector, November 2015


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