David Witbeck’s life-long fascination with sea life is the inspiration for his larger-than life depictions of   fishing boats, lighthouses, and the blood-line of the ocean: fish. His passion for bold colors and large characters place his favorite subject, the ocean, before the individual. This is ever-so obvious when looking at his art collection featuring various works like “Ezra,” a canvas painting that depicts a faceless fisherman behind the barrel of a fresh stock of fish, we can only assume came from the shores of Martha’s Vineyard or New England.

Witbeck’s unique ability to go beyond the “realty” of life allows him to create an environment that meet his personal standards – creating images and scenes that are whimsical and humorous. “I am most pleased when my paintings evoke smiles,” says Whitbeck. “Humor is an element too often missing from art.” Well said! Similar to the rest of The Eisenhauer Gallery’s eclectic art collection, Witbeck fits right in with the rest of Martha’s Vineyard and the sheer pleasure that overwhelms even the most hardened hearts when visiting. To view and purchase David Witbeck’s art work, and to see the rest of The Eisenhauer Gallery’s art and custom jewelry collection, visit the artists section today!


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