Known for his distinctive sculptures of abstracted gures and animals, Wayne Salge has painted even longer than he’s sculpted. His paintings employ many of the same features as his sculptures—angular lines, hard edges, and curves—but his acrylic paintings allow his skills in working with color to emerge. “I had been painting before I started sculpting, and I’ve continued to paint throughout the years,” he says. “Now it’s gotten to the point where I want to see what kind of reaction I get from the paintings. And it’s a lot of fun working in color.”

Just as in his sculpture, Salge works with abstracted gures in his paint- ings, using his signature style that has evolved from decades of looking at things in his unique way. “It’s the way I see things when I’m working,” he says. “When I start working, it just ows from me.” Salge’s style also presents the artist with a fun challenge of balancing the guration with his abstracted mo- tif in both his sculptures and paintings. “It’s a challenge to see how far I can push the abstractions and keep the form that I’m trying to convey,” he says. “To see if I can bend the lines and how much I can get away with. It’s fun to play with that sort of thing.” —Joe Kovack  (Southwest Art November 2015)


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