Rebecca Kinkead’s art work in Martha's Vineyard is unique in its interpretation and delivery of the innocence of children and their relationship with the environment they are in. With a collection of bright images of children playing and interacting with each other, there is a reason why Kinkead’s work is a part of many notable celebrity’s art collection. That reason is tied directly to how well she is able to capture our attention and bring us back to the days of when we were innocent and naive to the world. When something as simple as eating a watermelon and or swinging on the playground swings was more than enough to make an entire day great. The Eisenhauer Gallery recently had the exquisite opportunity to speak with Rebecca about her work and her plans for the summer. Here is what she had to say:


Q: How did you first get involved with Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard and The Eisenhauer Gallery?

Rebecca Kinkead: I believe Elizabeth saw my work somewhere and reached out to me.   This is my 4th season with Eisenhauer Gallery.

Q: 12 different art galleries throughout the United States offer your work. What do you find unique about Martha’s Vineyard and The Eisenhauer Gallery?

Rebecca Kinkead: My family routinely visited the Vineyard when I was growing up.  Many of the images in my art work come directly from memories I have of Martha’s Vineyard…. The beaches, the ice cream, the bike paths.  It’s a magical place, especially for kids.

Q: You have an art exhibition coming up in July at The Eisenhauer, what are your plans for the event?

Rebecca Kinkead: I am, unfortunately not able to make it to the event this year, but my paintings will be there for sure.

Q: Do you have any other events going on this summer that you would like to highlight?

Rebecca Kinkead: I have a solo show this October at Edgewater Gallery in Middlebury, VT.  It’s called “Wild Life”.  I will post all of the information on my website and Facebook page as it becomes available.

Q: Your work is said to be inspired by the simple intricacies of life that connect us together. The paintings you have with The Eisenhauer Gallery focus on children playing in various settings. What was your inspiration behind this particular series and does that inspiration tie into a general sense of the motivation behind your work, or are there a number of factors?

Rebecca Kinkead: I started painting children after hurricane Katrina.  I think I wanted to re-create (in my mind) a sense of normalcy for the kids who were suffering.  It took me about 5 years to figure out the imagery I was working with, and when I moved to Vermont in 2009, I became completely immersed in this series. I started drawing from personal and borrowed memories in an effort to explore a collective experience of childhood.  I wanted to paint about the smallest things that felt so important, so exciting …about what it feels like to be a child. My greatest motivator is a desire to communicate something honest and universally human.  I omit a lot of detail, including facial features, in hopes that viewers will bring their own experiences and memories to the paintings.

Q: Your portfolio is quite notable throughout the world with public endorsements from celebrities including Oprah Winfrey. What type of connection do you believe your work has on audiences throughout the world that makes your paintings so popular?

Rebecca Kinkead: I’m not sure, but if I had to guess, it would be the simplicity and directness of the work.   I want my paintings to have a strong sense of humanity. I am hoping to express simple joy and tenderness, which I think are universal notions.

Q: Do you use these endorsements to support your work as a professional artist, or are these types of accolades appreciated more internally?

Rebecca Kinkead: Other than listing Oprah and Gayle King as collectors on my resume, it’s more of an internal appreciation.  I’m very fortunate to work with galleries that promote and sell my work so I can stay focused in the studio.

Q: How can fans of your work contact you? Do you have a website or any social media profiles that fans can stay connected with you through?

Rebecca Kinkead: My website is  I update it regularly with exhibition information and new work as it emerges from my studio. I am on Facebook as “Rebecca Kinkead”.  There is also a Facebook “follow” link on the contact page of my website, where my email address, and links to all of my representative galleries can be found. My Facebook page can be found here as well.


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