Too many paintings in your home? Nonsense. But for the avid art collector, there is an immense desire to expand and diversify one’s art collection from the traditional painting. And isn’t that what being an art lover is all about? Finding the subtle marks and intricacies that are personal to both the artist and the viewer, creating a relationship that challenges, pleasures, and intrigues the mind and imagination…There are no limits to what forms “art” can take on! So for the true art enthusiast and collector, artist David Phelps has what you want.

Phelps’s figurative sculptures represent a sense of “perseverance, optimism, and humor being embraced in the face of diversity.” But what is so powerful and wonderful about Phelps collection of sculptures, is how his easily his work translates for even the most casual art fan. “I use the cracked surfaces and the illusion of the figure emerging from the ground plane to communicate to the viewer something basic and fundamental about those remembered feelings in the hope that a deep chord of familiarity will be struck, appreciated, and acknowledged,” said Phelps.

This can be seen with “Daydreamer,” where the girl appears to be content with the present, and yet there is a sense of wanting to be a world away at the same time. That is certainly something most people can and do feel throughout their lives; that sense of “I know I love my life, but what if…” That “What If” comes right out in “Pastoral Dreamer” and allows the observer to take on the form and mindset of the sculpture.

To view more of David Phelps’s art and sculpture collection, visit his personal profile in The Eisenhauer Gallery!


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