Echo of the Dreamer Sale

The following pieces by Echo of the Dreamer and Mars and Valentine have been marked down 40%. Sale prices are shown. All sales are final.

Echo of the Dreamer is a woman run, family owned business in the dynamic heart of New York City. Inspired by the cultures of the world, our pieces reflect a celebration of nature and the elements. Our jewelry is unique and contemporary, incorporating a variety of stunning natural gems, pearls and other treasures of the earth. Let our jewelry awaken the dreamer in you.

Step into the showroom and you immediately feel the sense of calmness that the Echo of the Dreamer name evokes. In the heart of Manhattan’s bustling garment district, Echo of the Dreamer occupies a 4,400 square foot loft decorated like a home far outside the city—with towering plants, eastern statuary and a balcony with a view of the EmpireState building.