Fred Calleri: Something We Can All Relate To

To describe artist Fred Calleri’s paintings in one word, it would simply be: “Fun.” However, “light,” “innocent,” “warm,” and “captivating” would also suffice just fine. From the unique characters he portrays to the environment and themes he places them in, Calleri draws the viewer into a time and place that reminds us of simple living; perhaps when people weren’t enslaved to their smart...

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Passing By: An Interview with Artist James Zwadlo

Featured artist James Zwadlo spoke with The Eisenhauer Gallery about his art collection and the concepts behind his unique series of paintings called, "Pedestrians." From his roots in rural Wisconsin to his experiences living in New York City as a young artist, Zwadlo's fascinating...

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You Don't Say! Customer Review: Adam Jones, San Francisco, CA

This year marks the 25th wedding anniversary for me and my wife. Obviously, such an occasion calls for a gift that commemorates our love, while also adding some excitement that says, “The best is still to come!”

So when I set out for a gift, I immediately called upon Elizabeth Eisenhauer, owner of The Eisenhauer Gallery...

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The World Is Meant To Be Discovered: An Interview with Artist Tjasa Owen

Featured artist and personal friend of the Eisenhauer Gallery, Tjasa Owen, recently gave an interview where she discusses the inspiration of her paintings, how social media has changed the art industry, and why she has a soft spot for The Eisenhauer Gallery....

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Take A Cruise Around The Coast with Artist Tjasa Owen

There is no better way to connect with your audience than by making them feel as though you personally sought them out, and created a painting just for them. For artist Tjasa Owen, her attention to detail illustrates the unique views of various coastlines and meadows she travels through, in such a way that it translates...

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