Experience Martha's Vineyard's Own: Artist Max Decker

Max Decker combines traditional academic skills with real-world experiences. Because of this, he creates paintings that are specific to a particular environment and yet, are still able to be uniquely interpreted by each person who views his work. Decker exemplifies realist principles that evoke impressionist characteristics. His paintings capture and enhance the beauty of objects that are...

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Artist Robert Cardinal

“There is a certain nostalgia in my work, a yearning for time gone by, a more quiet time.” -Robert Cardinal

Robert Cardinal speaks the truth as his collection of oil paintings articulate and exemplifies the care-free essence of Cape Cod and New England. Originally from Montreal, Canada, Cardinal moved to Greenwich Village in New York City in the 1950’s to work and develop his artistic...

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Artist Interview: Sally Smith

Featured artist Sally Smith calls New Zealand her home. The environment that surrounds her home on  Waiheke Island is what Smith calls her work’s inspiration.

Graduating from Auckland University with a Bachelor of Architecture, Smith originally developed...

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The Eisenhauer Gallery Welcomes Featured Artist Sally Smith

Whether you are an avid collector of oil paintings or prefer exquisite, unique sculptures, The Eisenhauer Gallery has something for everyone! While some of the relationships with our featured artists like Tjasa Owen dates back a few years, we strive to develop and build new relationships...

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Artist Interview: Rebecca Kinkead

Rebecca Kinkead’s art work in Martha's Vineyard is unique in its interpretation and delivery of the innocence of children and their relationship with the environment they are in. With a collection of bright images of children playing and interacting with each other, there is a reason why Kinkead’s work is a part of many...

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Martha's Vineyard Artist Interview: Eric Abrecht

For art enthusiasts and collectors across the world, Eric Abrecht’s landscape paintings are the perfect complement to anyone who is love with and collects the work of Monet and Van Gogh. Focusing on figurative and still lifes, Abrecht masterfully articulates his personal experiences through his paintings in a unique way...

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