Artist Adrian Waggoner: "I am in love with paint"

“I am in love with paint” That’s the first line of artist Adrian Waggoner’s personal statement and immediately lets you know what his work is all about. His unique style and form focuses on the precise layering of color and pigments, which illustrate an intense sense of realism as Waggoner’s subjects convey sincere emotion...

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Artist Cheri Christensen: The Relationship Between Light and Color

If you were to look over artist Cheri Christensen’s work at a glance, you might think that her work is exclusively dedicated to the portrayal of barn yard animals. And while you might be right in your original assessment, you are only partially right. Christensen’s work is deep, complex. Where the common observer sees as a...

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Featured Artist Immi Storrs

New York City is a recognized name world-wide. You can travel to anywhere; Beijing, China – Moscow, Russia – South Africa, and there is a great chance that if you say “New York City,” the people around you will be impressed. That’s because of how prominent and supportive the city is of its art and entertainment programs and community members. From its theater district to its museums, thousands...

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Interview with Artist Carol Bennett: Underwater Observation

Q: You graduated from The Art Center College of Design; do you think there is something to be said about artists who have a college degree?

Carol Bennett: For me, the actual degree has had little impact except for a few teaching jobs perhaps. My art...

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Jennifer Bell: Her Paintings Are Poems

For artist Jennifer Bell, her art work is not about producing a tangible product, but rather about reflecting the elements within a given environment. Whether it’s capturing the subtle intricacies of the human form or of a given landscape, Bell’s brilliance comes through her ability to make...

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