Martha's Vineyard Artist Interview: Jill Soukup

Featured artist Jill Soukup is set to open her new art exhibit at The Eisenhauer Gallery in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard this Memorial Day Weekend. Before the show premiers on May 25, we sat down with Soukup to discuss the event and the inspiration behind her series of...

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Premier Art Show in Edgartown, Martha’s Vineyard Memorial Day Weekend

Art enthusiasts throughout the New England area who are visiting Martha’s Vineyard over Memorial Day weekend; make sure you visit The Eisenhauer Gallery for an amazing art show by  featured artist Jill Soukup! Soukup’s paintings and art work are highly accredited through a variety of premier awards and exposure from some of...

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Welcome Back To Another Great Summer On Martha's Vineyard!

Welcome Back Friends! After a long winter, The Eisenhauer Gallery is excited to reopen its doors for what is sure to be another beautiful summer in Martha’s Vineyard! Eisenhauer features spectacular events and artist exhibitions throughout the entire summer; giving everyone the opportunity to meet some of the amazing artists who are...

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Artist Liz Gribin: "The Human Figure Is The Heart Of My Work"

For Artist Liz Gribin, her work exemplifies both classical and contemporary themes, which serve to illustrate Gribin's own sentiment and experiences. Combining abstract and figurative elements in her paintings, Gribin's purpose is to describe a story, a feeling. In that way, each painting is extremely unique to itself as if...

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Artist David Phelps: Daydreaming

Too many paintings in your home? Nonsense. But for the avid art collector, there is an immense desire to expand and diversify one’s art collection from the traditional painting. And isn’t that what being an art lover is all about? Finding the subtle marks and intricacies that are personal to both the artist and the viewer, creating a relationship that challenges, pleasures, and intrigues the...

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