Eisenhauer Gallery Celebrates a 15-year Love Affair with Art

Take a stroll down North Water Street any Thursday evening in the summer, and awaiting you on the steps of the Vineyard Square Hotel is a raucous party, complete with live music, dancing children, and rocking chairs a-rockin’. This weekly spectacle is an offering of the Eisenhauer Gallery, an Edgartown fixture now celebrating its 15th season in business.

The Eisenhauer Gallery kicked...

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Sculpting Life's Relationships With Artist Monica Wyatt

One of the most common themes discovered from the interviews The Eisenhauer Gallery conducts is the sense that each artist approaches their craft through an organic process, letting their materials and experiences guide them to whatever comes to fruition. For artist Monica Wyatt, each sculpture starts with a simple piece...

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The Golden Hollywood Era Arrives At The Eisenhauer With Artist Anna Kincaide

Artist Anna Kincaide

“Unprecedented and massively invigorating.” These words describe artist Anna Kincaide’s collection of paintings that are dedicated to the returning craze of vintage style and couture. Her figurative replicas of faceless characters solicit a plethora of emotional responses, as Kincaide’s work depicts experiences and emotions that are felt universally, regardless of...

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Interview with Artist Stephanie Danforth

One of the recent entries to the long list of prominent artists dedicated to The Eisenhauer Gallery is Martha’s Vineyard’s own Stephanie Danforth. What makes this partnership unique and exquisite is the fact that Danforth’s experiences see her as a pure influencer, as well as being a talented artist. Beyond...

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"Monica Wyatt Sculpture" by James Scarborough

Proving that bigger is better but in ways you wouldn’t expect, Monica Wyatt makes monumental bronze sculptures seem intimate. She exploits the medium’s heroic tradition. Monumental, heroic, and ceremonial. She avails herself of the material’s association with historic and metaphysical themes. Think, for instance, of Auguste Rodin’s iconic “Burghers of Calais” and “The Thinker.” Bronze is...

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