Eisenhauer Gallery expands to year-round status

Look for an invigorating variety of styles among the 40-plus artists represented by Edgartown’s Eisenhauer Gallery, which is celebrating its 15th anniversary on-Island this year. This year, for the first time, it will remain open year-round. The gallery plans to add two Island artists and has issued a call to Islanders to contact owner Elizabeth Eisenhauer about representation. It is also...

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Eisenhauer's Featured Artist: TS Harris

The ultimate portrayal of the female form is captured elegantly in the new age artistic style of Tracey Sylvester Harris, a true artistic staple of the 21st century. She found her inspiration nestled away in the dark of flea markets and yard sales where black and white portraits and paintings turned into...

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Eisenhauer's Featured Artist: John Schuyler

Born in New York in 1965, artist John Schuyler experienced early success as a business entrepreneur and began to experiment with painting in the late 1990’s. As he began to explore various techniques, he turned to Europe and found inspiration in the Old World art technique of fresco and the beauty of the...

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Buying Great Art Without Breaking The Bank: 5 Helpful Tips For Art Collectors

The idea of an art collector tends to conjure up images of a wealthy individual who has more than enough cash flow to justify a several thousand dollar work of art. However, you don't have to be a millionaire from Bel Air to appreciate fine art and even more so, you don't have to break your bank account in order to fill your home with...

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Eisenhauer's Featured Artist: Alyssa Warren

The style artist Alyssa Warren makes her own reflects a dynamic life. Just like no two monotypes are identical, Alyssa is an artist with unique personal and academic experiences that she reflects in her medium. Alyssa grew up in the United States, attending university in Santa Barbara where she earned a BA...

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