Deborah T. Colter in HGTV's "Dream Home" 2015

  • 08 Apr 2016
  • Posted by eisenhauer

HGTV’s spectacular 2015 Martha’s Vineyard “dream home” is a fitting reflection of the island’s historic and scenic allure.

Designed by highly regarded Martha’s Vineyard architect Patrick Ahearn, this lovely island cottage comes with all of the expected features of an upscale home—as well as a few unanticipated amenities, including a brand new 2015 GMC Acadia Denali—and $250,000 in cash...

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Creative Adventures

There’s something to be said for a thoughtful, systematic approach to painting, moving step by step through a process—from small black-and-white sketches to color studies and on to creating the full-size painting on canvas. It’s a process Jill Soukup has followed, with compelling results, for many years. It suits her sensibility, taps into the satisfaction she finds in getting things just so. ...

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Conceptual Creativity

Known for his distinctive sculptures of abstracted gures and animals, Wayne Salge has painted even longer than he’s sculpted. His paintings employ many of the same features as his sculptures—angular lines, hard edges, and curves—but his acrylic paintings allow his skills in working with color to emerge. “I had been painting before I started sculpting, and I’ve continued to...

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Enchanting Imaginations

This summer Anna Kincaide experienced an essential moment in her artistic career. A series of events left her thinking about how she can develop and drive her paintings in an innovative, new direction. After a month of lockdown, experimentation and hair-pulling, the artist found herself drawn to a contemporary spin on an idea that is thousands of years old: portraiture. “I want to create lush...

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Eisenhauer's Featured Artist: TS Harris

The ultimate portrayal of the female form is captured elegantly in the new age artistic style of Tracey Sylvester Harris, a true artistic staple of the 21st century. She found her inspiration nestled away in the dark of flea markets and yard sales where black and white portraits and paintings turned into...

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Eisenhauer's Featured Artist: John Schuyler

Born in New York in 1965, artist John Schuyler experienced early success as a business entrepreneur and began to experiment with painting in the late 1990’s. As he began to explore various techniques, he turned to Europe and found inspiration in the Old World art technique of fresco and the beauty of the...

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