Buying Great Art Without Breaking The Bank: 5 Helpful Tips For Art Collectors

The idea of an art collector tends to conjure up images of a wealthy individual who has more than enough cash flow to justify a several thousand dollar work of art. However, you don't have to be a millionaire from Bel Air to appreciate fine art and even more so, you don't have to break your bank account in order to fill your home with...

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Eisenhauer's Featured Artist: Alyssa Warren

The style artist Alyssa Warren makes her own reflects a dynamic life. Just like no two monotypes are identical, Alyssa is an artist with unique personal and academic experiences that she reflects in her medium. Alyssa grew up in the United States, attending university in Santa Barbara where she earned a BA...

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Sculpting Life's Relationships With Artist Monica Wyatt

One of the most common themes discovered from the interviews The Eisenhauer Gallery conducts is the sense that each artist approaches their craft through an organic process, letting their materials and experiences guide them to whatever comes to fruition. For artist Monica Wyatt, each sculpture starts with a simple piece...

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The Golden Hollywood Era Arrives At The Eisenhauer With Artist Anna Kincaide

Artist Anna Kincaide

“Unprecedented and massively invigorating.” These words describe artist Anna Kincaide’s collection of paintings that are dedicated to the returning craze of vintage style and couture. Her figurative replicas of faceless characters solicit a plethora of emotional responses, as Kincaide’s work depicts experiences and emotions that are felt universally, regardless of...

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Interview with Artist Stephanie Danforth

One of the recent entries to the long list of prominent artists dedicated to The Eisenhauer Gallery is Martha’s Vineyard’s own Stephanie Danforth. What makes this partnership unique and exquisite is the fact that Danforth’s experiences see her as a pure influencer, as well as being a talented artist. Beyond...

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