“Let There Be Light!” Or So Says Artist Cheri Christensen

If you live in New England and you don’t find yourself visiting Martha’s Vineyard during the summer months, you are one of the very few.  Martha’s Vineyard is a mainstay for vacationing families and many celebrities, including James Taylor, former President Barack Obama, former President Bill Clinton, Reese Witherspoon, David Letterman and more.  

The draw?  The quaint and charming ‘...

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Artist Profile: Larry Horowitz, Oil Painter

Larry Horowitz considers Joni Mitchell’s 1970 classic “Big Yellow Taxi” his anthem of sorts as an artist. With so much of the country paved and covered with buildings, the 61-year-old Wellfleet painter says he aims to showcase the beauty of the natural land in his work. “My paintings are a quiet place in a noisy world,” Horowitz says. “I’ve always felt an emotional connection to the land, and...

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Secrets in Bloom: Interview with Anna Kincaide

Could you tell us more about you as an artist and as a person?

Well I won't dive into my whole life story, but I grew up in northern Florida which is where I live and work today. I studied interior and graphic design in college and worked for several years in that field before I branched out into fine art. I was bored with design and wanted a more exciting, fulfilling path. I'...

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Summer’s on its way with an eclectic mix of art at Eisenhauer Gallery

The Eisenhauer Gallery on North Water Street, Edgartown, is always worth a visit. The popular year-round gallery features an eclectic mix of artists of the first rank, with a focus on contemporary as opposed to traditional artwork. Every year there’s always a surprise or two as owner Elizabeth Eisenhauer makes an effort to bring in artists who have a vision all their own.

For its summer...

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Gallery-Hop and Shop

Memorial Day weekend means picnics and parades, patriotic displays, and oftentimes, first plunges into the sea. It also means that the Island’s numerous art galleries are either opening their doors for the season, or hosting their first summer openings. You can check out what artists from the Island and beyond have been working on over the winter, and also see which galleries are bringing...

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Of All the Gin Joints

When Bruce Bibby opened his new gallery named after his Hollywood columnist pen name, Ted Casablanca, he must have painted the walls white five times. “I’m a perfectionist, and the color had to be warm and bright,” Bibby says. He is also a sculptor. All of the glass and steel tables in the gallery are his creations. The one on wheels was once a funeral casket cart. 

So while painting...

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