T.S. Harris celebrates water and women at Eisenhauer Gallery

Opening today, Thursday, August 31, at Edgartown’s Eisenhauer Gallery is “Dive In,” a striking new exhibit of T.S. (Tracey Sylvester) Harris’ oil paintings. The California artist is known for her celebration of water and its visual effects, providing a background for women swimmers. The Mike Benjamin Band will play on the square at 6 pm.

Found black-and-white snapshots from the mid-20th...

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Capturing Expression in Abstract Realism

I have only begun to paint on a surface, but I have been an observer, and a painter in my mind as far back as I can remember. My surroundings have always been very important to me; I’ve always taken notice of the subtleties that are around me-from color, design, and textures, to feelings, moods and expressions of people and animals.


Growing up in a...

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Q & A with the artist From 'Time Deconstructed'

What do you paint?

Most of my paintings are of the same little girl, who is a metaphor for time. She’s been a model for my work over the last two years and will continue to be in the future. Her style of dress, hairstyle etc. do not change in the paintings, and I always paint her using the same color palette. Plus, the size of my work remains roughly the same. So as...

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American Art Collector – Artist Focus - Derek Penix

Artist Derek Penix has been excited about new ideas and subjects in his artwork, including a series of spadefish and a grouping of aerial cityscapes.

            In regard to the works depicting downtown scenes, he says, “I like the unique perspective from above. It is a subject that you can really explore and play with. For example, I enjoy using different colors, even painting the...

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The Art of Running a Gallery

Choosing a gallery space is like choosing a lover.

That’s how business owner Elizabeth Eisenhauer described opening up her space in 2000. Eisenhauer Gallery is located in the heart of Edgartown, and is one of the most well-established galleries on Martha’s Vineyard. According to Ms. Eisenhauer, this is her business’s best year.

Running a gallery isn’t a kick-back-and-relax sort...

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Elsa Sroka and the creative instinct

Denver painter Elsa Sroka places her artwork squarely on the contemporary side of realism. Drawing from her own memories as well as a deep font of imagination, Sroka transforms traditional subject matter into partially abstracted yet lucid expressions of the things that feed her soul. An intense love of color and design, at times infused with her wry wit, forms the foundation of Sroka’s...

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