The Art of Running a Gallery

Choosing a gallery space is like choosing a lover.

That’s how business owner Elizabeth Eisenhauer described opening up her space in 2000. Eisenhauer Gallery is located in the heart of Edgartown, and is one of the most well-established galleries on Martha’s Vineyard. According to Ms. Eisenhauer, this is her business’s best year.

Running a gallery isn’t a kick-back-and-relax sort...

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Elsa Sroka and the creative instinct

Denver painter Elsa Sroka places her artwork squarely on the contemporary side of realism. Drawing from her own memories as well as a deep font of imagination, Sroka transforms traditional subject matter into partially abstracted yet lucid expressions of the things that feed her soul. An intense love of color and design, at times infused with her wry wit, forms the foundation of Sroka’s...

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Cold Comfort: How Three Island Artists Found Inspiration in Winter

A couple of years ago, I was interviewing a well-known Vineyard author, and I asked where he got the inspiration for one of his acclaimed novels. He said that he was walking down the street in Paris and saw a woman standing in a doorway. Suddenly, an idea for a novel popped into his head. Voilà! It was that simple.

But driving a car down a deserted, windswept Beach Road in February may...

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A Day in the Life: Martha's Vineyard Bird's Eye View

The far-from-stuffy Eisenhauer Gallery, a longtime member of the Bird’s Eye View family, is in Edgartown. You can’t miss the front door: just head for the sculpture in the middle of town where folks are actually encouraged to touch, climb, pose, or what have you. The gallery features weekly summer concerts with wine and nibbles and the art is eclectic, fun, intriguing, and yes, affordable....

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Plein air artist Larry Horowitz connects with the Vineyard landscape

Artist Larry Horowitz, who is currently the focus of a solo show at the Eisenhauer Gallery in Edgartown, is a plein air landscape painter, but his roots are in abstract art.


“I’m really an abstract painter hiding behind my landscape work,” says the artist. “I was trained by people who had studied with Hans Hoffman and with students from the Bauhaus school.” Straight out of art...

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In The Studio With Paige Bradley

Paige Bradley breaks all the rules in her practice as a professional sculptor. She does not conform to the dictates or decorum of figuration past nor does she leave a path of predictability behind as she blazes a trail forward. And just as there are no rules in Bradley’s studio, there are also no limitations. Any number of poses, media and messages may find expression through her expansive...

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