Zhou Song

A Chinese painter cannot avoid confronting and interpreting the Classics.  Whether we invoke them by heart or emulate them by hand, the information they impart to us is enormous.  We always attempt to look through the traces and images on the surface for something more profound.  Tradition, useful as a reference for our times, can inspire our reflections on the current state of things.  There is no need to deny that our understanding of tradition is more or less a "misreading."  The question should be whether the process of misreading, or the result of it, can take us to a new level of significance.  Perhaps, at such a point, "misreading" has already become a considerably creative interpretation for our times . . .

Zhou Song Artwork

"Fall Day"

53" x 27"

"Fresh View of the Day"

54" x 27"

Born 1971, Guilin, Guangxi Province

1993 B.F.A. Chinese Painting Section, Department of Fine Arts, Guangxi Normal University

1996 Advanced Study, Department of Chinese Painting, Fine Arts Institute of China, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province

Lives and teaches in Guilin

Selected Exhibitions

2004 First Prize, Guangxi Exhibitors, Tenth National Fine Arts Exhibition

Silver, Chinese-Japanese Fine Arts Exhibition (Japan)

2001 Excellence Award, National Fine Arts Exhibition Marking the 80th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party

1999 Gold, Fourth National Hundred-Flowers Awards