Sue Dragoo Lembo

I have an unwavering attraction to all things vintage. Enamored with the precious memorabilia that, for decades, found refuge in our basement wardrobe I found myself drawn to the patterns and designs of the clothing the way some women are drawn to diamonds and jewels. Upon finding my voice as an artist, I felt compelled to paint these found treasures.

My illustration and graphic design background influences the process and design of each piece. Through color, texture, composition and a bit of whimsy, my goal is to give each relic a second life with a unique personality.

I paint in oil on brightly toned canvas.  Letting bits of the colored canvas peek through the paint layers creates an illusion of vibration; instilling a bit of life into the inanimate object.  I incorporate both brush and palette knife into my work and find great fulfillment in creating interesting textures and patterns. 

It is my intention that the narrative quality in my paintings will start a silent conversation with the viewer enticing them to find their own stories within each piece.


Sue Dragoo Lembo Artwork

"Bowtied at Low Tide"

36" x 24"

"The Ref"

36" x 24"

"Black Swan"

36" x 24"

"Crazy for Navy"

36" x 24"


36" x 24"

After majoring in Illustration and Design at Mass College of Art, Sue Dragoo Lembo has continued to follow her creative spirit.  For over 20 years she had successfully balanced a career in graphic design along with fine art.  Nine years ago she decided to concentrate solely on painting; oil paint became her medium of choice.  Sue paints both in studio and on location.  Subjects include still-life, landscape and figures in the landscape.  

Chatham Fine Art (formerly J.Todd Gallery) Chatham, MA

Copley Society of Art, Boston, MA

Hour Glass Gift Gallery, Melrose, MA 

Little Beach Gallery, Hyannis, MA

North River Art Association, Marshfield, MA

South Shore Art Center, Cohasset, MA

Little Beach Gallery, Hyannis, MA


2016 South Shore Art Center – Con/Text National Show

2015 Art Comes Alive, Cincinnati, OH

2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2010 Copley Society Member show

2014, 2012, 2010 South Shore Art Center Gallery Artist show

2013 Bromfield Gallery Holiday show

2013 Copley Society Award of Merit - "Beach Daze"

2013 Copley Society Award of Merit - "Rain in the Back Bay"

2013 Copley Society on Cape Cod

2013 North River Arts Festival - Award for Creativity “Mary Jane”

2013, 2012, 2011 North River Arts Figure Show

2011 North River Arts Festival - Award of Merit “Bathing Beauties”


Cape Cod Life Art Issue 2012


John Kilroy, Kim English, Qiang Huang, Carol Marine, Peggy Kroll Roberts,
James Sulkowski, Albert Handel, Charles Sovek, Peter Shroth