Sally Smith

I live on the coast of a small island in the South Pacific - Waiheke, surrounded by green blue sea and copious amount of sea and bird life. This rich environment influences my work at all levels. Having trained as an Architect and practiced architecture for over two decades I am now focusing fulltime on my artwork. The instincts of an Architect have not left me and I find I regularly return to exploring the ideas of perspective, space, light and movement in my work. In contrast to the built works of my past, my work now focuses on celebrating nature in all its glorious forms and blurring that boundary between built form and nature. As such my works literally have no boundaries.

Sally Smith Artwork

"On Dusk XI"

9" x 63" x 1"

"Shoaling Series I"

26" x 76"

"From Above II"

29" x 29"

"In Around About Way "

28" x 28"

"On Dusk XIX"

46" x 29"

"On Dusk IX"

Call for Price.
55" x 37" x 1"

"On Dusk X"

Call for Price.
37" x 24" x 1"

"Time Immemorial"

Call for Price.
35" x 31"

"Only Here for Summer"

Call for Price.
110" x 39" x 1"

"On Dusk III"

34" x 77" x 1"

"Up Lift"

36" x 36"

"Dons Legacy"

Call for Price.
29" x 28"

"On Dusk IV"

59" x 20" x 1"

"Blue Kina"

38" x 11" x 1"

"Grand Kina"

Call for Price.
27" x 27"

"On Dusk XII"

37" x 45" x 1"

"On Dusk VI"

10" x 62" x 1"


  • USA:    Eisenhauer Gallery, Martha’s Vineyard, USA
  • NZ:      Milford Galleries, Queenstown
  • Artis Gallery, Parnell, Auckland
  • TOI Gallery, Waiheke Island

Selected Exhibitions:


  • Sculpture Exhibition – Artis Gallery, Parnell, Auckland, February
  • New Works, solo, TOI Gallery, Waiheke Island, January
  • No Boundaries, solo, Milford Galleries, Queenstown, February
  • Group Show, Eisenhauer Gallery, Marthas Vineyard, USA, July


  • Britomart Project Space, selected by John Gow
  • “Local Knowledge”, The Dowse Art Museum, Lower Hutt
  • “From A Distance”, Academy Galleries, Wellington
  • Art Melbourne, Royal Exhibition Hall, Melbourne, Australia


  • “Absolute”  solo,   TOI Gallery, Waiheke Island, NZ


  • New Works   , solo, TOI Gallery, Waiheke Island, NZ
  • Living Halls, Govett Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth, New Zealand,
  • Living Halls, Two Rooms Gallery, Auckland


  • Metal Matters, Uxbridge, Howick, Auckland
  • Out From Down Under And Beyond, Group show, Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York, May


  • Mana Whenua Chris Bailey/Sally Smith, The Lane Gallery, Auckland,


  • National Small Sculpture Prize, WCAG, Waiheke Island – Finalist

Sally Smith's Interviews