Julie Rofman

Inspired by her background as a painter and sculptor, Julie Rofman brings her love of color, patterns, and bohemian style to her jewelry line. She combines the traditional art of bead looming with current color combinations and geometric patterns reminiscent of Bauhaus designs. A mixture of matte, translucent, opaque, and shiny glass beads, uniform in size, are handwoven together to create a striking color-field of sparkle. These special glass beads are solely created in Japan by a family-run company. Each piece is inspired by the rich variety of colors and patterns found in some of the most beautiful and exotic places around the world; the carnival in Rio, the colorful architecture of Cuba, the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands, the nightlife of Ibiza and the markets of Morocco to name just a few... Worn alone for simplicity or paired together with other favorite bracelets for dramatic effect, Julie Rofman jewelry is the perfect addition to every occasion, from a beachside afternoon to a night out with friends.