Joseph Reboli

September 25, 1945 - June 4, 2004
World commented on the mood of solitary contemplation inherent in his subject matter, while a critic for Arts Magazine noted the interplay of manmade and natural forms and his ability to create interesting compositional patterns through the repetition of line, shadow and light. Reboli’s successive exhibitions at Galleries and Museums in Long Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Illinois and, finally, Rhode Island, have continued to receive positive response.

Joseph Reboli has been painting on Block Island since the 1970’s. Whether it is the back door of the Narragansett or a stack of rocks from the Mohegan Bluffs, Island homes and hotels along with stretches of grass or beach have remained favorite subject matter over the years. While his interpretations are always realist in nature, emotionally they may fall somewhere between the dramatic, the mysterious and the abstract. It is this, along with Reboli’s mastery of technical skill that make him such a well-known and well-loved artist.

Joseph Reboli Artwork

"Block Island Landscape"

Call for Price.
18" x 24"

"Mitchell Farm"

Call for Price.
12" x 16"





 1964 - 1967  Paier School of Art, New Haven, CT 


Museum Exhibitions

 2001    The Long Island Museum Long Island, Morning Noon and Night Stony Brook, NY

1998    The Museums at Stony Brook, Retrospective, Stony Brook, NY 

1994    The Parrish Art Museum, Mirrors, Southampton, NY

1989    The Museums at Stony Brook, Collector's Choice, Stony Brook, NY

1974    The Suffolk Museum, Solo Exhibition, Stony Brook




Selected Gallery Exhibitions


Francesca Anderson Fine Art, Beauty and the Beach, Lexington, MA 

Eisenhauer Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Block Island, RI

Eisenhauer Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Martha's Vineyard, MA

Gallery North, Solo Exhibition, Setauket, NY



White House Historical Association Bicentennial 

Commemorative Exhibit and Calendar

Millennium Art Exhibit, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor, NY 

Gallery North, Setauket, NY

Gallery Henoch, Group Show, NY, NY

Eisenhauer Gallery, Block Island, RI


Gallery East, East Hampton, NY 

Eisenhauer Gallery, Block Island, RI

Gallery North, Setauket, NY


Gallery Henoch, New York, NY

Gallery East, East Hampton, NY

Eisenhauer Gallery, Block Island, RI

Gallery North, Setauket, NY



Chase Gallery, New Work, Boston, MA



 Chase Gallery, Boston, MA 

Green Art Gallery, Ken Davies Invitational, Guilford, CT 

Firehouse Art Gallery, The Artist's Vision, Huntington, NY


The Suffolk Museum, Solo Exhibition, Stony Brook


Gallery East, East Hampton, NY