Echo of the Dreamer

“Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake?”- Leonardo da Vinci

Echo of the Dreamer is a woman run, family owned business in the dynamic heart of New York City. Inspired by the cultures of the world, our pieces reflect a celebration of nature and the elements. Our jewelry is unique and contemporary, incorporating a variety of stunning natural gems, pearls and other treasures of the earth. Let our jewelry awaken the dreamer in you.

Step into the showroom and you immediately feel the sense of calmness that the Echo of the Dreamer name evokes. In the heart of Manhattan’s bustling garment district, Echo of the Dreamer occupies a 4,400 square foot loft decorated like a home far outside the city—with towering plants, eastern statuary and a balcony with a view of the Empire State building.

Echo of the Dreamer Artwork



Serene and inviting, it is where designer Margaret Thurman & her team of Dreamers create inspiring collections season after successful season. As a teenager, Margaret studied fine art for 6 years with Nicholai Abracheff. That entrée into the New York art scene led her to create experimental films in the 1960s. These were presented to the likes of Andy Warhol at the esteemed Jonas Mekas Filmmaker’s Cinematique.

Inspired by her love of exquisite stones and armed with her colorful memories of the era, Thurman created Echo of the Dreamer in 1993 with her daughter, Myoshin.High quality the best and most fashionable rolex replicareplica watches online of the replica watches store. The result is a stunning lineup of hand-made, truly one-of-a-kind jewelry. The brand continues to deliver collections that are modern and feminine, yet rich and sophisticated. The pillar of the designs are the varied stones—which Margaret refers to as “art by God”—in breathtaking colors, patterns and textures.